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Check it out- GTI's debut album. If you like this, wait till you see them rip live!


released October 6, 2012



all rights reserved


GTI Virginia

GTI is a punk band from Virginia that will rock your face off. They rip, for real. If you're sick of post-punk, metalcore garbage and you just want to listen to some real punk songs, GTI is your band! BOOK US FOR YOUR HOUSE PARTY OR SHOW!

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Track Name: PMS
You better tuck in that shirt and don't question authority
Christian means conform to even the unfair
I'll give you one more reason to hate yourself and others
I'll give you one more reason and I don't care

Whatcha gonna do with your life?
Whatcha gonna do QUIET PLEASE
Keep your hopes up high and give it a try
Whatcha gonna do QUIET PLEASE

The blood from your menstruation is running down the grapevine
It's getting in my mouth yeah its getting in my mouth
It's red and full of herpes and all things you fancy
thoughts are not aloud no thoughts are not aloud

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Mr. Whorr
Mr. Orr is a whore he sucks my dick
When I look down I see him smile I think he likes it

You make rules no one can follow
I think you should spit or swallow
Power hungry and raped by your master
Administration is a bitch guzzling a quart of piss
small animals will make you cum faster


You're the fucking enemy who makes us want anarchy
Don't try to tell us what to do
You have not control we're gonna rape you in your hole
To you we give a hardy FUCK YOU!

Track Name: Saturdays
Free refills at the Famous Wok
Don't understand their Chinese talk
Give me a refill
Give me a fix

I wanna go to 7-11
I wanna pull a chili trick
I wanna go to 7-11
I wanna do a Bertlemann

Bustin' heads and kickin' ass
Ride the line don't come in last
Bombin' Busty Fuckin' Lindsay


We confiscate them things around here (x4)

7 o'clock and its time to go
Sex Pistols and the Ramones
Gimme a refill
gimme a fix
Track Name: Hughs
Don't you love to hate me Don't you think I'm crazy
Well I love to hate you I'm not happy to see you
You're lying and I see it
You're all filled up with bullshit

Now you wanna tell me that I'm your good friend
You just happen to tattle on me now and then
Respect's the only issue well for you it is
Hughs you little bastard I hate you

Can I get some chaos I haven't had my breakfast
He can feed you bullshit it fills his rage the fastest
its another reason to give him some chopstick
Cause on his lips is shit


Borderline Disrespect (x4)
Track Name: Berd Cage
Play Galaga smoke Gold Coast
Eat some pizza drink some brews
Listen to punk cause it gets me off
Fuck longboarders FUCK THEM ALL

Come on in Come on in
Come on into the Berd Cage
Track Name: Fogey
Hi my name is Fogey I'm in cohorts with a liar
Like to rape my whore
It's my favorite pastime other than demerits
Bagels and Cream Cheese

It's searing your mind (x4)

I know my kids are harsh and i know that they hate you
Kindness is your weapon
Kill them all with kindness
I see right through your discharge don't put in on a platter
Coach lets DD eat it


Bend over my good son and I'll show you the ropes
Take on Daddys business and crush the pirates hopes
Laugh your ass and mock
Cause we dont care about them

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Spraypaint
Manic depression and Taco Bell
Nirvana cassettes and West Broad Goodwill
Elanor and Chewy Charleys
Nick, Luke, Ian and Chris its Friday

Fuck-Sewage-Sex (x3)

Flushed you friend down the drain
Getting drunk going insane
Its almost Friday journal whore
Ink on papers such a fucking bore

Fuck-Sewage-Sex (x3)
Track Name: Pepperoni
I am on the shit list
I'm a social misfit
The problem is I like it
I threw no fries so suck it

Fucked things up again (x4)

Turkey mayo ham and cheese
Butterbread not white or wheat
Donuts and some DP
Gramma's Cookies 2 please

Fucked things up again (x4)
Track Name: Brain
I'm annoying but I can't help it
I'm useless and I don't care
Frustration I can't control it
There's nothing or nobody who's there

My Brain
I came
a stain

I'm a problem and there is no solution
I'm scum I'm eternal pollution
I'm a liar and I'm raped everyday
There's nothing or no one in my brain

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Concession Stand
Some people call me crazy
People call me lazy
But it doesn't phase me
Cause I know its true

Heinz 57
Frenches yellow mustard
Lays bagged potato chips
and a giant Slim Jim

Concession Stand (x4)
Track Name: Disturbance
We stole some flavored cigars (no skating the streets)
They chased us 4 blocks too far
Spray painted "boobs" on the wall
Wish I had cut out his jaw

If you wanted extra cheese
If you wanted a nacho supreme
You'd better pull down your down your pants
and conform you better conform
Pull down your pants and begin to perform
You better conform you better conform
Get on your knees and begin to perform

She said this it private property (no skating the streets)
They must be living in poverty
We are at society's service
We got a call for Domestic Disturbance

Track Name: Bastard
Mom and Dad don't get along they don't get along no
Insanity insanity its driving me insane
No empathy no empathy for me no

Hate being a bastard baby
Hate being a bastard